What Is The Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors? | How To Clean Hardwood Floors? Complete Guide

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors

Hardwood floor gives your household a warm and earthy feeling which can be quite rare while also being very durable. There are many ways of cleaning hardwood floors, but you have to follow the following steps for a routine.

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?

You can use a vacuum or a household mop to remove any dirt, pet hair, or accumulated debris from the hardwood floor. The frequency of this task depends on how much traffic you usually have around the household. Find Best Paints for Wood Floor if you want to paint hardwood floor with a new paint

Although you need to dust mop your hardwood floors at least once a week, it still would remove all the dust and grime. You would need to use a liquid floor cleaner for deep cleaning. You can purchase one from a nearby store, or you can even make a DIY floor cleaner. Add one part vinegar to 10 parts of warm water and a few drops of liquid soap of any kind. Want to paint a wood floor read this guide: How To Paint Wood Floors?

Follow these steps to clean your hardwood floor

Step 1:

Soak a rag or a sponge mop in your cleaning solution.

Step 2:

After the rag or mop becomes wet, wring it to obtain a damp state rather than dripping wet.

Step 3:

Mop the entire floor with the rag and after cleaning it with warm water, mop the hardwood floor again after wringing it again to remove excess liquid.

Step 4:

Wipe out the excess water with a dry towel or rag as standing water can damage your hardwood floors.

You can also use another DIY floor cleanser that can be made from two teabags and boiling water. The tannic acid present in the tea bags produces a very beautiful shine on the hardwood floors. Make a tea using boiling water and teabags. Pour the tea into a bucket and dump a cloth in it. Twist the fabric to remove the extra tea. Wash your hardwood floor using a damp cloth to get a beautiful shine. Learn The Pros and Cons of painted hardwood floors

Another part of cleaning the hardwood floor is to remove any remaining scratches. To remove any scratch from the hardwood floor, take a crayon with a matching color to the hardwood floor. Rub your crayon on the scratch in the hardwood floor to fill the gap. You can heat the area where the crayon was applied using a blow dryer on high and buff it with a soft cloth. Click here to find the best spray paint for wood

If you want to prevent the dirt or any other damage from coming onto the hardwood floor you have just cleaned, you should place doormats both inside and outside the door’s exterior. It will help reduce the dirt and moisture used to seep in. Detailed review on Best Satinwood Paints.

You can also prevent any scratches on the hardwood floor using a floor protector. You can use the floor protectors under furniture and even use rugs in areas of the household where there is high traffic.