How To Spray Paint A Wooden Chair? Step By Step Guide

How to spray paint a wooden chair

There are a lot of opportunities when it proceeds to DIYer’s painting an old wooden chair. You can decorate your wooden chair to be a masterpiece, a room rhythm, or strictly follow a practical purpose.

After preparing the wooden chair’s medium, implement a pattern or a solid glow in the paint of your selection. The admirable thought about painting a wooden chair is that you can eternally begin repeatedly and repaint it if you don’t prefer the consequences. Read the complete review on the best spray paint for wood.

How to spray paint a wooden chair?

The following are some of the steps for painting a wooden chair:

Step 1:

Use a fabric soaked in soap and water to eliminate any webs, rubble, or dust build-up on your wooden chair. If there is a wax accumulation, utilize a lubricant remover accompanied by a water rinse. Let the wooden chair air dry completely. Review on Best Paint For Wood.

Step 2:

If your wooden chair is covered with peeling paint, apply rough grit sandpaper to eliminate the larger pieces, then utilize graduating levels of smoother grits until you get the favored finish. Sand out light scratches and dings, as they will show when you paint your chair.

Step 3:

Suppose the stains are too difficult to be excluded with sanding solely, practice wood putty to the strokes, and leave it to air-dry per the tradesperson instructions. Once drained, sand the extra putty aside until your medium is smooth. Review on Best Paint For Trim.

Step 4:

Use a tack cloth or slightly damp cotton cloth to remove the dust from sanding. Allow the wooden chair to air dry before proceeding.

Step 5:

Work a solid shade or a mixture of contradictory or corresponding colors. For a playful look, paint the wooden chair one color, the back another, and the legs another. For complex techniques, paint the complete wooden chair a solid color, then touch accents, such as striping or polka marks, accepting an alternative color or two. Set the wooden chair on a drip fabric to preserve the surface underneath from paint spatter and drips. Read our review on Best Paints for Metal Surfaces.

Step 6:

To practice the primer, Mix the paint entirely before fastening. Use a scrub that’s comfortable to handle and short tolerably to fit within all of the chair’s elements. It’s typically most comfortable to adapt the chair upside down and paint the posts first. When completed, hold the chair on the end of its legs and paint the rest of the chair.

Step 7:

Allow to dry and apply additional coats as neededUse spray paint for fast results. Be sure to shake the canisters thoroughly before applying. Use several light coats rather than one heavy coat as this discourages drips.

Step 8:

Depending on the desired finish, use a matte, satin, or gloss coating. A spray finish is easy to apply, but a brush-on finish offers more control for even application. If you plan to add decorative decals to your newly painted chair, apply them before applying the clear protective finish. Allow the clear coating to dry per the manufacturer’s instructions, and apply as many coats as desired.