How To Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals Step By Step Guide

How to Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals

It has been a long time since professional painters were using chemical formulated paint strippers, but with the increasing awareness of the health environments, removing paint from wood without chemicals has started to come in trend. Improper use of chemical strippers can cause damage to the respiratory system, brain, nervous system, and skin.

1. Sanding


Sanding is one of the most common ways of stripping paint manually rather than using chemicals. Since a lot of effort is required to sand off-colour from any wooden medium, electric sanders have made their way in the market to make the task easy and quick. Sanding is more beneficial for smaller objects rather than larger ones as it is a highly taxing job.

It is not recommended for wood paints with lead-based paints as it is toxic. You should wear safety masks along with gloves while carrying out the procedure. It would be best if you don’t sand forcefully while also moving along the wood’s grain to prevent any wooden medium’s permanent marring. Read a detailed article on how to strip paint from wood DIY.

2. Pressure washer

Pressure Washer

Since sanding helps smaller objects, the pressure washer is for the larger areas such as RV or house exteriors. Before using a pressure washer, you should make sure that all windows or inlets are closed to prevent any water from leaking into the interiors. Find out Best Exterior Paints For Wood.

The pressure washer holds a lot of pressure and therefore can harm your interiors. The PSI readings for these pressure washers should be kept at 2500 at least.

3. Heat guns

Heat Gun

Professionals should only use heat guns as they require a lot of care when working. These should be strictly operated on paints not based on the lead as it is very toxic. Find out Best Stain Stripper

It would help if you never left your gun unattended, switched on, or in one position as it can burn everything with a range of approximately 1200F. A heat gun can be used to loosen paint to a point where it will eventually bubble, making scraping easier.

4. Infrared devices

Infrared paint remover

These are the latest inventions for removing paint. As it used heat formation to remove the colour from wood, there is no dust spread across your wooden medium.

According to the infrared devices and their use, they are heating the paint’s upper layer only so that the rigid layer couldn’t be burned to gain maximum. The windows and other metal body parts should not come in close contact with infrared, resulting in severe damage.

5. Scraper


Scraper is one of the most common accessories carried by painters when dealing with paint removal. They help you provide a smooth and effortless surface for the pre-painting technique.

Though scrapers are used for paint removal, they are also helpful while painting to remove and stain for providing smoothness to the surface. These must be used carefully to prevent damaging the covering under the paint.

6. Soy-Based Gel Paint Removers

Soy based paint remover

Soy-based paint removers contain methyl soyate, a methyl ester refined from soya bean oil. This bio-based dissolvable is significantly more feasible and harmless to the ecosystem than oil-based items. It’s low in unstable natural mixtures (VOCs), features low combustibility, and has no ozone-exhausting synthetic compounds.

Protected to use on wood, cement, and metal, these soy-based gels work successfully yet take somewhat more to lift the paint from the medium. The item is applied with a paintbrush and may be left on the paint medium for a couple of hours since it doesn’t vanish or trickle. The more extended a soy-put-together stripper stays concerning the paint, the simpler the last evacuation will be. Interested in wood floors check out the 10 best paints for wood floors.

7. Citrus-Based Paint Removers

Citrus based paint remover

Citrus-based paint strippers contain terpenes, natural mixtures got from plants, generally oranges. Another illustration of a terpene used in paint expulsion is turpentine delivered from pine gum. Citrus-based removers ordinarily have an orange or citrus-aroma and, similar to soy-based gels, work more gradually in eliminating paint than more grounded synthetic compounds.

They’re protected to use on any painted or stained mediums. While these strippers are biodegradable, they are doing contain some destructive synthetic substances and will be discarded appropriately. Read the complete review on citrus-based paint removers.