How To Paint Wood Floors? Step By Step Guide

How to Paint Wood Floors

Refinishing a hardwood floor is not only a costly endeavor, but it is also a labor-taxing job. Rather than refinishing a hardwood floor, you could provide them with a new appearance without having any costly carts and mess all around. That could be done by simply painting your hardwood floor.

If you are particularly painting them white, it would be easier to give them a touchy design and pattern to stand out. Although painting a hardwood floor is a very tiring and lengthy project, particularly for a DIYer or tradesperson, you would be a pro in no time if you follow the following steps.

How to paint wood floors?

Step 1: Prepare the surface

Prepare the surface

Every DIYer or tradesperson knows that if you are working on a painting project, you have to prepare the surface first to achieve the smoothest, most durable finish that would outshine any other. When you prepare your surface, you need to make sure that it is primarily clean. List of Best Paint For Wood Floor.

That includes washing your hardwood floor with a mop or tack cloth to exclude any built-up dirt, grime, stain, or residues of any kind. After cleaning the hardwood floor, let the surface completely dry. The step after drying the hardwood floor would be sanding it.

Sanding of the hardwood floor would be done lightly as you don’t have to sand to the bare wood floor for your particular DIY project. It is a vital step in preparing your wooden floor because without this, and you won’t ever be able to get that finish you so fancy.

Step 2: Sanding


As mentioned earlier, after cleaning, you would need to sand your hardwood floor.  Sanding creates an excellent adhesion that enables the top coat of the paint to stick to it. Hence, we recommend using 120 grit sandpaper or a hand-held electric sander for good adhesion. Please use an electric sander to do your work more efficiently and effortlessly. How to Remove Paint From Wooden Floor.

 Once you sand the entire hardwood floor, clean the hardwood floor with a soft bristle household broom to get rid of the granules. You can ever use a vacuum cleaner to remove even the most refined, more complicated to reach sanded particles. If you don’t want to sand your wood floor read how to get paint off hardwood floors without sanding.

Step 3: Apply the color

Apply the color

After you have prepared your hardwood floor and sand it, it is time for you to apply the color you want. Since the hardwood floor has been already painted once, there is no need for you first to apply a coat of primer or any undercoat.

House owners must carefully choose the floor color because that will decide the wall paint color. It would be best to paint the walls and the hardwood floor in contrast. Most home experts don’t recommend using dark paint color for light wood floors.

It is recommended that you paint your floor darker than your walls to make your room look more spacious. This rule can change if you have low ceilings. To create the illusion of high ceilings, you should paint your floor light than your wall paint.

After you apply stain to your hardwood floor, every hardwood floor gets different color tones within the wood. A yellow or cream undertone is usually found in light oak, and similarly, a red or mahogany undertone is located in a dark cherry finish. It is recommended that homeowners see flooring colors that have an undertone that matches their paint as it would highlight your flooring color.

You can apply the color using a floor finish applicator, brush or paint roller. Work your way along the whole dimension of 3 to 4 floorboards at one time. It would be recommended to maintain a wet edge as much as possible to prevent any lay marks.

Don’t introduce any bubbles and lay off in the direction of the wooden grain. Wait at least two hours to allow the paint to dry off to apply the second coat. If you want a long-lasting finish, you can use a third coat as well. Review on best paint for a wooden fence.

Step 4: Allow the paint to dry

Allow the paint to dry

Ensure you don’t ruin your newly painted wooden floor by walking on it before it had the time to dry. First, you have to allow the paint to dry for 24 hours, after which you can wear your socks and walk on the painted wood floor. The furniture should be moved back in place after at least 72 hours. Find out Best Spray Paint for Metal.