paintcatalogue About Us

Who Are We is one of the leading websites to review driving paints from all around the world based on their quality and performance tested across our labs all over the country.

Intending to guide thousands of customers about their choice of paint, we take pride in our laboratories’ operational standards, from their type to their application.

Every tin of paint is passed through various steps, and their performance is rated with points to help users have a better understanding of what is to be expected from that particular paint.

With every review provided to our committed users about paints that lead to a purchase, we earn a commission that is later utilized to test our theories and ideas to head from better and become the best review site.

Our Goal

We are back up by a group of experts and enthusiastic researchers that provide independent, insightful, and unbiased information regarding paint and related products.

Our passion and knowledge about paints have enabled us to build up this platform to guide those interested in, with the accurate knowledge about paints as a home improvement product. Most people choose wrong when it comes to finding the best paints for their homes, office, and other places, and our mission is to end this once and for all.

Since you are our inspiration and reason for existence, we work around the clock to serve you right and prevent your decision that might lead to a sad and costly regret in a few months from now.